About Us

What we do

The world is changing and when it comes to vehicles, we are leading the way. While competitors are sticking with the same old method of hub and spoke shipping that no longer works, KA Transportation Services has innovated and developed a new system. We provide a unique transit plan coupled with leading technology that cuts transit times in half and reduces the number of damage claims while improving overall quality at a lower cost.

How we do it

KA Transportation Services was created to provide clients the best experience possible, taking advantage of what works in the industry and innovating on what doesn’t.  We created a unique means of shipping vehicles that skips unnecessary steps such as the use of terminals.  These innovations reduce the number of times vehicles are loaded and unloaded, reduce the risk of damage and cut transit times in half.

Who we are

KA Transportation Services is changing the paradigm  of personal vehicle shipping.  Purposefully designed  to be a High Touch – High Service Boutique company, we are committed in the vision of providing unparalleled service.

After owning one the largest and oldest providers of vehicle relocation, industry veteran John wanted to make a difference.  As a client using these services for decades, transportation executive Joe shared his vision.  They joined forces and using their combined 60+ years of experience to develop a model that exceeds the current service expectations of the corporate relocation market.  Thus KA Transportation Services!

Meet the Founders

30 years of moving shipments

John Roehll

Executive Vice President of Sales

Has moved more cars than you can ever imagine.